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Natural. Comfortable. Ethical.


We want you to be confident that you are wearing the best product available every time you slip on your Feelgoodz. This is what drives us and what we are committed to. 



Designed to be casual, deconstructed, and easy to pack, each pair of Feelgoodz flops has an authentic story to tell. At Feelgoodz we’re keepin’ it global by uniting like-minded people through footwear that’s made for all walks of life. Our flopz are designed to mold to your foot, creating a custom foot bed that supports every step you take on your many adventures. 



Feelgoodz is committed to bringing you 100% all natural footwear 100% of the time. You never have to worry that there are PVCs, toxins, artificial dyes or other mysterious additives in your shoes. We promise we will never compromise on quality. Ever. The approach is simple…it’s what makes Feelgoodz feel so good.



The heart of our work is to empower people through fair, dignified, and sustained wages.  Our Thai and Vietnamese rubber farmers are paid fair market value for the rubber they already produce and our Hmong weavers get paid 10% above what they earn at the market. And get this – the 106 weavers from Cunen, Guatemala with whom we partner with used to make $30/month and now make $250/month. Empowerment above all. 

So grab a pair and just GO!