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Natural. Comfortable. Ethical.

Inspiration with Incidence.

Mission: Human Empowerment

Values: Comfort, Quality, Consciousness

Lifestyle: Steppin' Easy

It all started when a pair of J. Crew flip flops broke in a night market in Bangkok. Finding himself not wanting to walk around barefoot, Founder Kyle Berner, began his search for a new pair of flops. He came across an intriguing display that resembled a large tree, with flip-flops hanging from the branches. He stopped, tried on a pair, and found them to be the most comfortable flip-flops he had ever worn.


The flops were so comfortable because they were made from natural rubber. Berner loved the idea of comfortable, sustainable flip-flops so much that he founded Feelgoodz in New Orleans in 2008. The company relocated to Raleigh, NC in 2011 where Feelgoodz continues to support farmers and artisan cooperatives in Thailand, Vietnam, and Guatemala. 


Feelgoodz are for the soul traveler with a purpose of being comfortable, global, and conscious. They’re comfortable because they’re natural.  We’re global because we’re travelers.  We’re conscious because we care about who makes our products, what they’re made of, and how the people are treated along the way. 


--The Feelgoodz Krewe